A Couple of Announcements

First, I made a delicious enchilada style bean bake type casserole tonight. Cheesy, beany, and salsalicious.

Second, I’m getting a lot of miles out of sweet potatoes this week. I should say that this is my boss’ fault. She buys them by the 20lb bag and keeps that bag in her office. She eats one for lunch, roasted, every day. Tonight’s bean bake had sweet potatoes in it. Tomorrow night, we’re having sweet potato fries with our grilled cheeses (with turkey bacon for those who want to live at little).

Third, I have planned every meal I am responsible for cooking this month. I have a small calendar on the bulletin board with a meal for every day I’m supposed to cook. It’s as if a great burden has been lifted. I don’t have to think for the rest of the month. This month’s highlight: we’re going to the mountains in Arkansas for part of spring break and I’m going to fry some chicken, make mac and cheese, cornbread and limas while we’re there. Pure family friendly deliciousness. Daddy is packing the fry daddy for the mountains!

Something about vacation says cook a lot, so I’m planning big breakfasts: biscuits one morning, pancakes the other. It’s going to be great fun.

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