The food section in the Times is good today, if you haven’t already discovered this fact over your morning coffee. Alissa Rubin has a piece on food, memory and longing in Kabul as a war correspondent.  I thought it was beautiful, nostalgic as I am. Food, trains, fishing and country music are much of what I have to remind me of family I miss. And John T. Edge of the Southern Foodways Alliance, the best thing going at Ole Miss, has a fantastic United Tastes column on Indian Food becoming fast food following a Chipotle type model. E and I used to love two Indian places in D.C. that were both in food courts, and owned by the same family. One was in Union Station, and I’m sad to say is no longer the same. The other was near the Key Bridge in Arlington, right around the corner from the old Newseum.

Speaking of Chipotle, the Herdez chipotle flavored salsa is too damn hot. As a Valentines day treat, E made her spinach and black bean enchiladas, and I had a powerful craving for chips and salsa before supper, so I ran to the McDade’s and thought Herdez chipotle looked good. It’s fire. Straight, smoky fire. I ended up needing a slice of wheat bread to quench the flames. The Sam Adams Boston Lagers were just not getting the job done. As my dad used to say, “Let that be a lesson to you.”


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