Of Note

Ipad users: Bittman’s two Ipad apps, How to Cook Everything and How to Cook Everything Vegetarian are on sale at half price. I think this will last until Valentine’s day. I downloaded both Saturday night and spent yesterday afternoon making and freezing pizza crust for Friday night, trying my hand at refried black beans, making this Chinese marinated celery  (which is delicious and which resulted in our use of an entire bunch of celery for the first time ever) and entertaining my boys. H is just now understanding that he’s going to be losing at chess for a long time, which I think might discourage him, and encourage him to want to play Crazy 8’s and Go Fish. I suppose he’ll either get better or give up.

I found this informative post over at Simple Bites. It’s just a nice overview and some suggestions on how to prepare vegetables that are currently in season.  Simple Bites is one of the food blogs I follow through Google Reader. That’s another post for another day. Unfortunately, I can’t get really excited about cabbage. Everything else on the list is something I would prepare enthusiastically. However, cabbage makes people gassy and it smells bad when you cook it. I like slaw, and I enjoy sauerkraut, especially on sausage laden sandwiches, but I’m going to have to do some searching for other recipes that make it worth eating.

Last thing, and then I have to get serious about work: I’ve put in a request for E’s enchiladas for Valentine’s day night. She’s wondering if they can be made in the shape of a heart. I think the red of the enchilada sauce should be sufficient.

Those two apps are worth it if you don’t already have them. They’re great big rabbit holes waiting for you to jump in.


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