Butternut Squash

It’s the bomb. It’s like pumpkin, but better.I decided Monday night that I was going to get all of the vegetables I wanted roasted for the week roasted, so I roasted two butternut squashes and a bell pepper that had been sitting in the fridge and was on the cusp of becoming undesirable. Supper Monday night was pretty straightforward: a whole roasted chicken, macaroni and cheese and roasted carrots with cumin. Half the chicken went into the freezer for use in burritos next week and/or a tortilla soup. The roasted carrots came from this post on Bittman’s blog (but not by Bittman). They tasted  great, but I felt like they went limp in the roasting.

The macaroni and cheese rates an aside. I’m trying to eat fewer processed foods. This macaroni and cheese presents a tough decision. The pasta is made with part cauliflower flour. It’s very Jessica Seinfeld (I own the book, and have tried to use it without success.) I’m not sure that it’s worthwhile to sacrifice my ongoing work on eating less processed stuff for the sake of getting another serving of vegetables into my son’s gaping maw, but I’m willing to think it over for a while.

So last night, I made this classic butternut squash soup  from Whole Foods, perhaps in celebration of the fact that they’ve announced that they’re going to build a store from the ground up across the street from our neighborhood. As I mentioned, I had roasted the squash Monday night during a fit of vegetable roasting. I made the “gorgonzola and almond” variation for E and I. It was fantastic. Gorgonzola is already delicious, but in soup, when it melts just a bit, every bite is a surprise. And while that recipe says that you’re supposed to dice the squash, then cook it with the other veggies in the broth, I think roasting it gives it a little more depth. There’s pieces of caramelized squash mixed in too. And the broth came from the roasted chicken on Monday night. #maximumcookingefficiency





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