Grapes and Other Things

I’ve been on a grape tear recently. My boss came into my office this morning to talk about the grant that we’re (I’m) writing and no sooner had we started than I had pulled out my baggie of super chilled red seedless grapes. I offered her (the chance to feed me) some, but she refused. So the whole meeting I was listening, noting and savoring (the grapes). I don’t know what’s happened to me. I just know that right now grapes are all that I want, especially seedless red grapes. I had them on a salad last Saturday, the first time I’ve had them on a non-fruit salad, and they were perfect. I’m having them on my lunch salad today. I’ve brought the same salad for lunch the last two days. It’s inspired by last Saturday’s salad, which was the Newk’s Favorite Salad from the local deli chain, which is, I have to agree with my mother-in-law here, better than McAllister’s. Newk’s favorite has grilled chicken over mixed greens, pecans, cherry tomatoes, grapes and blue cheese with a really good vinaigrette (try spelling that without looking it up). So I cut out the chicken because my thing right now is vegetarian til 6, and change the mixed greens to spinach because I like it more, and added dried blueberries and carrots and changed the cheese to gorgonzola. By the way, you could put gorgonzola cheese on just about anything and I would eat it. It’s a grown folks cheese, and it just makes things that much better.

Last night’s supper was a flop: coconut noodles. E said the eggplant wasn’t cooked enough. I say, it’s hard to get the stir fry skillet hot enough after every round of stir frying, and people were hungry. It won’t happen again, and I’m not sharing the recipe.

I did find this, though. It’s the motherlode for the vegetarian till 6 crowd. Seriously, how the hell has he not won a Pulitzer and a MacArthur?

Note: Vegetarian till 6 excludes meals provided by other people. If you’re having me over for lunch, I’ll eat what you put on the table, vegetarian or not. Vegetarian till 6 means that if I’m cooking or if I’m eating out, I’m going to try to eat vegetarian.

Tonight, I’m going to try to sneak apple into our grilled cheeses. I’ve also been on an apple tear of late. No fruit bowl is safe. I judged a school science fair last Friday and stole like two apples and a banana in addition to the orange and banana that I ate there.



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