New Orleans

I continue to lead the vegetarian until 6pm lifestyle, which paid real benefits last night. On the way down, I ate oranges, a vegetable sandwich, some pasta with butternut squash and kale. But once 6pm hit last night, I unleashed the beast. First, I stopped by Domilise Sandwich Shop and Bar  for a po-boy. I had never been there, but had heard good things, and was not disappointed. I got a small (SMALL) oyster po-boy dressed and a Barq’s Root Beer. The sandwich was fine, though I thought it odd to get a po-boy dressed with ketchup, but it was mixed with hot sauce which is an integral part of fried seafood. I and a fat, old New Orleans cop were the only customers in the restaurant. The cop was on the phone, trying to sell his boat and catching up with a friend in the hospital with an infection. I enjoyed sitting and listening to him arrange his visit, then explain to the old man who was tending the bar that he was going to take a sandwich to his friend at the hospital, and how they had grown up together nearby. It was clear that these two knew a lot of the same people and were longtime residents, if not natives.

After that, I stopped off at Whole Foods to scout their beer and king cake selection. I always try to pick up some Brooklyn Brewery beer while I’m in town because it’s not sold in Mississippi. They’ve got the winter beer and the lager, both of which are good I’m sure, but I’m going to go hunting tonight for the Brooklyn Brown, which is one of my favorite beers, period. I’ve got leads. It’s also the first of the month, which means that from a fiscal perspective, I’ll be able to make some “strategic investments,” as the Obama administration would say. A case of beer should carry me for the month of February.

Finally, I met up with my longtime friend and rising New Orleans political star, and after checking out the fruits of the ongoing renovations of his house, we decamped to Cooter Brown’s, which has a fantastic beer selection, a raw bar and typical bar food. We polished off wings, cheese fries and two dozen raw oysters over several beers.

So as you can see, it’s easy to be good all day if you know that once the evening hits you can do what you want, especially in one of the best food/eating cities in the world.

On tap for tonight: supper at Cochon, with possible trip to Butcher for provisions to bring home.


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