Before yesterday, I hadn’t been to CS’s since I was a kid. I think I ate there once when I was in high school, while my mother was an undergraduate across the street. I got the Inez Burger that day, and I got it yesterday, because really, when you go to CS’s, the rest of the menu isn’t anything particularly thrilling. Apparently, it’s good, but when you’re in a place known for a particular burger and you’ve only been there twice in your life, you get that particular burger.

The Inez Burger is named after Inez, who took care of us yesterday. There were six of us, three adults, one non-beef eating, two boys who eat sometimes and one infant who is just learning the pleasure of pureed vegetables and fruits. Two of us got the Inez, which is a burger with chili, jalapenos and nacho cheese. It comes with fries, and really begs you to get a beer (or two) to go with it. The abundance of liquid/semiliquid toppings on the burger makes the use of a fork and knife necessary, but mitigates the need to get cheese and chili on your fries. Strategic eaters will use those fries to scrape up every last morsel. I had two Tommyknocker Brown Ales, which did a wonderful job of offsetting the heat from the peppers and nacho cheese.

The restaurant itself is a shrine to Mississippi political and sports history. It reminded me a lot of the inside of the old Cherokee Drive In on North State Street, but with wall-to-wall old cans of beer instead of pennants for in and out of state teams. I was glad to see a couple of bumper stickers that reminded me of the halcyon days of MS Democratic politics: Mabus for Auditor, Wayne Dowdy for US Senate, Mike Moore for AG. I also got a kick out of the “Mothers Against Chuck Driving,” sticker right behind the register/bar. For those not in the know, former state Supreme Court Justice Chuck McRae was busted twice for driving drunk in Rankin County. The owner said that McRae gets a kick out of it too.

It’s a good spot. I’m not going to say that the food demands that all out of town visitors stop through to pay their respects, but it’s a comfortable place to get a burger and a beer and to take in the divy ambience.


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