Tea vs. Coffee

Last week, I decided that I can’t continue drinking Maxwell House or Folger’s electively. Back in the fall, I opted out of my ongoing purchase of a $12/pound Starbucks in house mixed half caffeinated coffee because it was just getting too damn expensive. I could drink a pound of coffee in a little under two weeks, and that starts to get pricey. It’s not that it was taking food out of anybody’s mouth, just that that money could be better spent on other things, like saving for a trip to Europe. So I moved to Folger’s/Maxwell House, whichever one was on sale at the Kroger. I felt good. It was just under two pounds of coffee for anywhere between $10 and $12. And it tasted better than I expected. Or so I thought. I’ve finally decided that it just doesn’t taste that good. So I’ve moved to tea. Now, mind you, some friends used to joke that someday they’d open a coffee shop called “Tea Is For Wusses,” and I would gladly have invested. Throughout graduate school, I drank stout, maximally manly coffee in the morning in the largest mug in the house. I followed that with five or six Diet Cokes during the day. But I realized that I was staying up later than I wanted to, especially with the arrival of our first son in 2007. I needed to get to bed early because he was going to be up early, and that much caffeine was keeping me up til midnight when I couldn’t be guaranteed to get to sleep in until 8 or 9 anymore. Tea is weaker than coffee and I can go to bed when I want. Plus, the decaffeinated varieties of tea (i.e. green) are delicious and very good for you.

I drank a lot of tea in high school. It was an affectation then. I was obsessed with becoming a British citizen, and obviously the two went hand in hand. So, I’m not unfamiliar with the tea landscape. However, I do miss the tea and coffee place at Northpark Mall, where I used to go exploring for new types of teas to try, and where I bought my first cappuccino in 9th grade.

Incidentally, I subscribe to this idea of better living through chemistry, despite my reduction in caffeine consumption.

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